Case Studies

Challenger Bank
Devised a coaching programme for mid-level managers. The coaching was 1:1 and face to face.

A key coaching example was the transition to a more senior role for a newly promoted manager. Psychometric testing helped her understand her strengths/weaknesses. Coaching helped her identify what kind of manager she wanted to be and how she wanted her team to view her. Her issues were managing her former peers and managing upwards.

As a result of the coaching, she gained better self-awareness, more confidence and developed her team to become more self-sufficient and adapted well to her new role. She was voted one of the top 20 employees out of 1,000 members of staff and has introduced a coaching approach with her team.

Leading University
I coached a senior university lecturer, both face to face and online, to manage a team through a period of change. Coaching skills helped her to motivate the team and to adapt to and accept the changes.

Armed Forces
Designed and implemented a scheme to pilot a coaching programme for twenty senior leaders; working with six other associates. The coaching was 1:1; both face to face and online. I coached five senior leaders. Key areas included: career transition to a promotion and the first 100 days in a new role.

I prepared a newly promoted leader for moving abroad to take up a new post. The coaching helped her prepare for the move by understanding and managing her strengths/weaknesses, clarifying her expectations and those of the organisation, identifying the challenges and developing solutions and building her confidence to handle her new status.

I coached a senior leader during the first few months in a new role. The coaching helped him establish his new identity, crystallise his vision and devise a means of implementing it.

Overall, the pilot coaching scheme has been so successful that coaching now forms part of the training programme within the army.

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Havas Worldwide London
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